What are the features that every event app should have?

There is an abundance of event apps throughout the industry. But the question that we need to ask is, “What separates them from the rest?”. The answer to that lies in features that let you network aggressively through the right mediums and helps you manage events more proficiently. Managing 21st century events require extreme amounts of effort and can quickly turn into a nightmare. We’ve prepared a list of features that you should make sure to check before investing time and money on an app.

  • Publish your own app: When you’re hosting an event you need maximum exposure and connectivity. And what better way to do that than to have your very own dedicated app launched on the major app stores like Google Play and iTunes. You create an immediate buzz and weave your event network all under one roof. For BuizzConf, we made sure you got just that. You can use our amazing event app to create and publish an event specific app on the respective app stores.
  • Live social feed: An integrated Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn feed is an important tool to generate constant hype for your event. You can connect, share and network with your followers, attendees and anyone relevant to the event. Moreover it can create an international fan-base for people who are unable to attend the event but can connect via updates and interactions. BuizzConf has a live twitter feed that lets you connect to your audience and build a constantly evolving community letting you get exposure, sponsors and other such advantages.
  • Integrated Messaging: A little social debating never hurt anyone! An integrated messenger lets event managers connect to their prospective attendees or community members chat with each other sharing ideas, business ventures and what not. BuizzConf comes with an in-app messaging service which lets you communicate one to one via direct messages. Networking has never gotten smarter!
  • User Experience: When it comes to user experience most solutions seem to just concentrate on functionalities. The truth is user experience is the most key part of an event networking app. It is the functionality that lets event managers save time and handle their work more efficiently. BuizzConf comes with a unique user experience by offering smooth menu movements through the implementation of parallax transitions. We have also included interchangeable themes to let you set the look and feel according to the cause of your event.
  • Location Services and Floor Plan: Most of the times attendees or other important personnel face problems in finding the location to your event. The best way for your event management app to make this headache go away is to include an integrated GPS with turn by turn guidance. As soon as you arrive at your location the app should have a floor plan to guide people inside so that they can get the maximum output of the venue and the features offered by the event. BuizzConf lists events with a map, displaying location and GPS based driving directions. Event managers have the option to upload a detailed floor plan for attendees and other followers to access their way around.

So these are what I believe to be the most important features that all event networking apps should come with. Do you think there is a feature much important than the ones I’ve already mentioned? Let me know in the comments.

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