Top 5 ways to prevent your event attendees from getting bored

Imagine a scenario where you’re hosting a 2 day conference. An impressive list of speakers, great venue and a strong topic yet few hours into the presentations, event attendees start falling asleep. Gradually the seats start vacating and you smell a disaster brewing with the passing of every single minute! The good thing for you is that we expect such incidences to happen at certain occasions. So, we prepared a list of things which will make all your events fun and interesting.

  1. Provide Refreshments:engage_attendees_5I’ve had first hand experience of attending long presentations that made me feel exhausted, hungry or tired after a while. You should provide attendees with a constant supply of food, drinks and other refreshing consumables. Create a snacks program that serves every few hours along with an unlimited supply of coffee/ soft drinks or energy drinks.
  2. Constant tweets/ tags: engage_attendees_2People these days can’t stay for more than 5 minutes without checking their Twitter feed or Facebook updates from time to time. Why not take advantage of that? Keep tweeting or sharing event updates through relevant social channels to notify attendees about interesting facts related to the event. You can also encourage attendees to post on the community page tagging others whom they think are sleepy or bored. This will introduce a fun factor and bring about a smile on the face of your event audience.
  3. Create an interactive format: engage_attendees_3Sometimes presentations go about showing tons of stuff eventually making us lose track as to what we are actually following. To prevent that you need to introduce an interactive format that engages the audience from time to time. Push questionnaires to their mobile phones, request a feedback and insist them to state their queries after a presentation is over. You can also ask attendees to come up on the stage and volunteer for important tasks. This makes them feel more involved with the event and also refreshes their mind.
  4. Create Buddy Groups: engage_attendees_1The concept of buddy group is to group up similar audiences and make them sit together. Like minds can generate a lot of creative ideas which in turn gives birth to interesting discussions. This creates a positive atmosphere among the audience and acts as a potent cure for removing any kind of boredom or sleepiness.
  5. Contests and Giveaways: engage_attendees_4Event giveaways generate a lot of buzz among attendees. Introduce a competition based on topics related to the event e.g. “Tell us how our event was awesomesauce in one sentence and you could win an all expenses bared trip to Antarctica!”. Competitions act as catalysts in engaging your audience to the matter being showcased on stage and automatically makes them more attentive.

Have a trick of your own? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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