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Top 5 iOS apps every event manager should have

Being an event manager is tough. Few people understand the trouble one has to go through for an event to succeed. Here at Innofied, we try to make the whole transition easier. Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 iOS apps which every event manager should have while hosting events.

  • Evernote: We can’t think of an event world where Evernote doesn’t exist. This app alone can help you keep track of every single task revolving around an event. You can basically organise your whole life around this application. Its arsenal of useful features include:
    • Voice to text conversion, where you can take voice notes using any Android or iOS smartphone.
    • Atlas, a location based feature, that displays notes that you have taken for specific events, on a map.
    • Web Clipper gives you related user account search results, when you search for a specific topic on google or any search engine.
    • Document Camera lets you take pictures of receipts, entry slips or papers with writings on them and converts them into a text document file.

It also comes with your list of go-to features like reminders, to-do list and so forth. Always keep this app handy while hosting a event.

  • BuizzConf: The one app to manage them all. Host events, create agenda, add speakers, let attendees see and join your event, connect and network with them, share valuable info through Twitter, let sponsors pitch videos and add location along with floor plan. All this backed by a web based admin panel and the ability for you to launch your very own event app from within to app stores like iTunes and Google Play. A must have for all event managers.
  • Zwoor Survey: What is the use of hosting events if you can’t analyse the end results? Zwoor Survey takes care of that part, very efficiently I must add! This app lets you conduct surveys with the help of effective questionnaires. Plus no more data connection stammers! You can conduct your survey and store the data offline(yay)! The results can be viewed in real time with every single update reflected visually. Free for up to 100 entries(minimal charges on extra). One of the most handy apps you’ll find for your events.
  • Hootsuite: All those updates to share yet so less time! A common problem for all event managers is the inability to instantly share relevant posts and news about their events on multiple social platforms. HootSuite is a mobile platform which rids you of this nuisance. With access to over 35 social networks you can schedule up to 350 updates in advance. A single master key password lets you access to your profile where you can assign team members to certains tasks, search social streams and let the app find you relevant news to share when you run out of ideas. All these handy features are backed by a powerful analytics system which lets you keep track of all that big data. So make sure Hootsuite is installed on your smart device before the event starts.
  • Haiku Deck: If you’re looking to create powerful and visually stunning presentations for your event then look no further. Haiku Deck lets you create fabulous presentations or decks which can be accessed using any iPhone, iPad or browser. This gives you the flexibility to share your presentations easily through a projector. The app also comes with a rich content of stock backgrounds and themes which are mostly free. So if you’re planning to create striking presentations to sweep your attendees off their feets then remember to carry this app with you on your next event.

Mobile apps have come a long way into making events simpler for hosts. These tools serve so many valuable functionalities that they turn a years worth of effort into days. There are so many useful event utility apps that it took us days to finalize the mentioned.

Did our list miss an important app that you use for your events? Let us know in the comments.


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