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The Event Management business is blooming in present times. Organising events related to business has become a social norm in order to attract prospective clientele and build on a pre-existing reputation.

So what do Event Managers primarily look for in an event app?

  • Time Saving: It should require less effort on the organizers part. The app should take care of all necessary requirements once the information is provided.
  • Networking: Make sure attendees can communicate with organizers and each other. They should have the potential to make valuable connections through the event. Generating an overall positive response from attendees is a must for all Event Managers.
  • User Experience: The app should be highly optimized for all kinds of devices. Operating through should be an unobstructive experience.
  • Social Network Integration: Posting updates on the event, interacting with attendees, promoting and generating interest all through social networks is one feature which cannot be left out.

Hence you need a perfect application to guide you and we have forged one, keeping your needs in mind. We’ve implemented unique features unlike any other:

  • Standalone app: A feature that lets you design and publish your own app from within BuizzConf. (iOS/ Android)
  • Web based Admin panel: A responsive and inter compatible admin panel which is accessible from any platform and device.
  • Unparalleled Community Networking: You can join, interact and be a part of any event community through the app, even if you’re not going to attend.
  • Pitch video: Sponsors matter! And we’ve given you the option to let them attach a pitch video to show how much they intend to be a part of the event audience.
  • Interchangeable themes: The little things matter. Keeping that in mind we’ve made a handful of lightweight and beautiful themes to go along with your tone.

BuizzConf – an event app available for all Android/iOS devices, is specifically designed to cater all your event hosting, networking and management needs. The application comes with a multitude of features not limited to:

A. For Attendees

  • Find relevant event: Look for and find events based on a specific keynote, in different locations.
  • Event Community: Join communities, network and speak about the event, interact with professionals who share your views and passion.
  • Get event details: Find all details about events such as Agenda, Speakers,Sponsors, Exhibitors, Location Map, Floor Plan and more.
  • Integrated Twitter Feed: Initiate conversations with other attendees, event organizers, speakers and sponsors via Twitter. Make valuable connections by tweeting or retweeting posts and updates through the app.

B. For Event Managers

  • Easy to use admin panel: A simplistic and responsive panel which lets you create new events, add agendas, list a informative profile of speakers and sponsors and publish it in minutes.
  • Add users – Grant them privileges: As an admin you can add people from your team and grant them rights to edit event information.
  • Build event centric communities: Lets you build a complete community based on your event. Helps event managers connect with attendees, check out information from their profile and interact with them nurturing their interest towards the event and your company.
  • Visibility for speakers and sponsors: A completely customizable speaker profile page. Allow sponsors/ exhibitors to post a pitch video displaying their significance.
  • Create your own app: BuizzConf lets you create and publish your own featured event iTunes/ Google Play app. A feature which puts the power straight into your hand.

C. For Speakers

  • Increased visibility: A fully detailed speaker profile, including your LinkedIn bio, making sure you stay visible before, during and after the event.
  • Robust networking and connectivity: Lets you check attendees who marked you as their ‘Favorite’. This helps you network with the right groups and spread information about your upcoming events.

D. For Sponsors

  • Powerful exposure: An exclusive page which consists of company logo, description and a promotional pitch video. This lets you showcase your business to professionals and generate strong interest.
  • Pitch Video: This unparalleled feature lets you add a well composed video to send a message. Show all active participants how significant they are to you.

E. Live Map

A live google map feed, displaying the exact location of the event and providing directions at the ease of the attendees.

F. Floor Plan

A briefly detailed floor plan option which lets organizers set up a directional blueprint of the venue’s innards, to guide attendees around.

G. Instant Notifications

Notification pop ups/ reminders for both host and participants informing them about new developments and making sure they don’t skip out on a single thing.

H. Countdown Timer

A countdown timer counting down the time to the event straight down to the last second. Time is of the essence and BuizzConf won’t let you miss out on anything important.

And it doesn’t stop there. BuizzConf’s constant support and care makes sure you won’t need a single other tool to manage even the most complex of events. Our aim here is to offer a highly unique user experience for both hosts and attendees alike.

BuizzConf is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store. So make sure to download it and give a go. We promise you that once you’ve tried it you will never go back!

BuizzConf iPhone & iPad App
BuizzConf Android App




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