5 simple tips to become a better event attendee

Attending an event doesn’t limit you to watching presentations, gorging on food and going back home. As an attendee you have much more to accomplish from attending great events.
Today we will take a look at 5 simple tips that every event attendee should follow to make the most out of a strong opportunity.

Do your homework

It is never wise to attend an event without studying on the relevant topics. Know what the speakers are talking about so that you can raise the right queries and also answer correctly, if called on stage. Lets not forget that you are going to mingle with other attendees and have discussions on different subjects. If you don’t know what you’re talking about you won’t be able to make the right impression.

Be attentive

Don’t get yourself distracted. Try to pick up keywords from the speaker that interest you and help you connect better. Take notes on your notebook or smart device if you’re carrying one, so you don’t miss out the important points. Getting bored and distracted is a common phenomenon that can turn all your invested time into waste. I’d advise people to get refreshments or take a 5 minute break after a presentation. This helps you refresh, reset and come back for more.

Ask important questions

Don’t be a part of the herd. If you have a genuine query come forward with it. Important personalities take notice if you ask them an intelligent question. Plus it gives you the option to stand out and attract a lot of attention.That being said, make sure to be aware of what you are asking. Meaningless questions will make you irrelevant and you might lose out on that.

Connect with people

Events are golden windows of opportunity to meet and connect with industry professionals. Whether you’re a student looking for your dream job or a future entrepreneur in the making this is where you get to impress people with your unique ideas and concepts. Make an effort to strike short but interesting conversations with exhibitors and sponsors. This will benefit you in the long run.

Keep in touch post event

I cannot stress enough about the importance of staying connected post event. An event generally takes a day but staying connected proves beneficial for a lifetime. Connect with speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and other key personalities through social networks. Actively take part in online discussions with them and make sure they remember and speak of you from the positive effect you’ve had on them.

Sounds simple enough, right? Try to put these simple yet significant factors together and you won’t have any trouble improving yourself as an attendee and a professional in the days ahead.

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