5 major upcoming events & conferences for entrepreneurs worldwide

We are into the 3rd quarter of 2015. For entrepreneurs this equates to measuring the next steps on the ladder of progress. One of the primary ways to do that is to be a part of key events and conferences worldwide. These conferences and events are hives full of buzzing ideas that help you expand your business and push yourself to the next level. So lets take a look at the major upcoming conferences of 2015 that every business professional should be attending, starting now.

  • RISE: Web Summit’s first initiative for Asian countries. A great place for Asian business owners/ entrepreneurs to speak about their visions, ideas/ concepts that they’re working on and what they have in store for the future. The conference is set to take place in Hong Kong from 31st July-1st August this year. With less than a week to go and 5000+ attendees already registered, tickets get costlier with every passing hour. This is a must attend conference for even the smallest of startups as it provides you the opportunity to meet, greet and give birth to multiple prospective business ventures with the latest and greatest minds on the planet.
  • Web Summit: Considered as the largest web/ technology event in the planet, Web Summit rose quickly in a span of 4 years. What started off with a gathering of 400 people quickly turned into a venue of 22,000+ attendees from over 100 countries including pioneers from different industries, visionaries/ entrepreneurs and creative people bursting with new ideas and concepts. Expect celebrities like Bono and many others to take stage and speak about important agendas. Attend it before all tickets sell out.
  • Unconvention: A major platform for Indian business startups or any business that is built to create a great social impact on the masses. Think you have an idea that can bring a change in the lives of millions of poor people in our country? Then this the event you should be pitching for. You can get general ideas about improving your business too, but that’s not all. Villgro, the event organisers, are going to award the winning pitch ₹1.5 lakhs and also give you a chance to get business incubation of up to ₹65 lakhs in funding! Delhi, Kochi, Jaipur, Bengaluru and Chennai are the venues left for you to join this year. So hurry up and don’t let this opportunity go to waste.
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Day UN: The best place to be for female entrepreneurs. Organised by the United Nations, this is one of the largest women empowered entrepreneurial event that started off in 2014. It was started as a mission to shed light on the problems and obstacles faced by leading and rising business women from all over the world. Tickets for this exclusive November 19th event, are available from their website and running out fast.
  • Ona 2015: If you are a digital journalist or technology entrepreneur this is one event that you can’t afford to miss. The onus of this meet is to gather visionaries, from over 30 countries, in one place so that the brilliant minds can share ideas to shape the future of digital media. If you’re a rising journalist with futuristic ideas to share then you should be attending this event at any cost. To be hosted in Los Angeles, California this September 24-26.

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