5 easy tips to be a better event speaker

Speakers are the nerve and brain of an event. Its not easy to keep everyone engaged to you while presenting on a complex topic. For new speakers or for the ones who are confused with bad feedback, here are 5 easy tips you should always keep in mind next time you take the stage.

1) Don’t bore your audience to death

Your audience is fragile and their patience is something that you shouldn’t test. That detailed 30 minute presentation you put together in your spare time might not be as excellent an idea as you think of it to be. So speak less in volumes and more in meaning. And don’t forget to be a tad funny. A little laughter can keep the audience engaged and awake longer.

2) Speak precisely to the point

While you’re speaking on a ‘JavaScript’ presentation there’s no thumping need to narrate about all the history and origins of ‘Java’. Speak more about the underlying technology and how it will benefit attendees if they pursue a career or build a business on it. Tell them about a certain application that they were not aware of and which will help them progress in developing better applications. Make sure that what you’re speaking actually helps them. Otherwise you’re just wasting their precious time.

3) Try to end presentations in 5-10 minutes

Say NO to hour long presentations. Speaking from personal experience, most event attendees prefer short and concise presentations and would rather have a longer interactive session to discuss the internal topics. Moreover if the event is daylong and covers several lengthy topics it is wise not to overstress the audience and crash the event.

4) Body language is the key

Nothing goes unnoticed when all eyes are on you. So act smart and elegant on stage. Every step you take and every gesture you make should put emphasis on your subject and impress the attendees. Dress well, speak with confidence and don’t be too over excited. Attain a tone that keeps your audience asking for more. Once your presentation ends ask them to put forth their questions but answer only a handful. This will earn you more respect and #5 will make sure no one gets left out.

5) Communicate post-event

If you’re trying to build a reputation as a speaker then don’t forget to stay in touch with attendees, post event. Many of your followers will have unanswered questions which you can answer by having Q&A sessions online by using services like reddit, hangouts, facebook, twitter and so forth. Keep initiating weekly discussions on topics related to your field of expertise and you will build a community of fans who will loyally follow you to your next event.

These points are more simply said than done but once implemented will yield you effective results in the long run. We hope this article helps improve your on-stage presence and widens your reach among the audiences.

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