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There is an abundance of event apps throughout the industry. But the question that we need to ask is, “What separates them from the rest?”. The answer to that lies in features that let you network aggressively through the right mediums and helps you manage events more proficiently. Managing 21st century events require extreme amounts of effort and can quickly turn into a nightmare. We’ve prepared a list of features that you should make sure to check before investing time and money on an app. Continue Reading

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We are into the 3rd quarter of 2015. For entrepreneurs this equates to measuring the next steps on the ladder of progress. One of the primary ways to do that is to be a part of key events and conferences worldwide. These conferences and events are hives full of buzzing ideas that help you expand your business and push yourself to the next level. So lets take a look at the major upcoming conferences of 2015 that every business professional should be attending, starting now. Continue Reading

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Imagine a scenario where you’re hosting a 2 day conference. An impressive list of speakers, great venue and a strong topic yet few hours into the presentations, event attendees start falling asleep. Gradually the seats start vacating and you smell a disaster brewing with the passing of every single minute! The good thing for you is that we expect such incidences to happen at certain occasions. So, we prepared a list of things which will make all your events fun and interesting. Continue Reading